Aged Care Consulting

Extensive experience working across number of aged care facilities in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas.

– Provision of “by referral” or regular monthly visits to manage the nutritional health of your residents.
– Development of a nutrition management plan for the facility.
– Nutrition screening (e.g. MNA, BAPEN MUST).
– Management, administration and charting of nutritional supplements.
– Available to attend case conferences.
– Seminars and workshop are available on a range of topics e.g. nutritional supplements, food fortification, nutrition screening, intolerance and allergies and diabetes in aged care. We can also tailor these presentations to the specific needs of your group and a range of other topics can be covered.
– We have access to a range other health professionals available for tailor-made seminars on your topic of interest- including physiotherapy, podiatry and exercise physiology.

Menu and Food Service Consultancy

– Development of tailored menus.
– Comprehensive menu analysis using food composition database software.
– Dietetic assessment/interpretation of the menu analysis in a report format including proposed changes and modifications.
– New recipes for the proposed menu changes.